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Today, battery cell design is truly an art. It means to transfer cell design parame­ters to perfor­mance targets and vice versa. You must optimally balance the compli­cated inter­ac­tions of all cell compo­nents that couple electri­cally, chemi­cally, thermally and physi­cally. This requires great exper­tise and deep know-how. Something that is missing when technology evolves fast – like in the battery cell design business. 
This is true for many aspects of battery cell design. Let’s make some examples: 
Finding reliable answers to these questions fast is diffi­cult… very difficult. 


You need the ultimate tool for battery cell design. And that is what the Batemo Cell Designer is. It combines Batemo’s modeling technology with an efficient method­ology that leads to success. The under­lying idea is to never start from scratch but with your latest cell, electrode, electrolyte or material. First, we create a physical model for you – the most accurate avail­able, guaran­teed – and integrate it into the Batemo Cell Designer. Using the tool, you maximize your cell technology and build better battery cells with less resources a lot faster.
If you have a physical, param­e­trized and validated model… 
…you can develop a method­ology to design your next-gener­a­tion battery cell on target.


Identi­fying the best battery cell design requires thousands of simula­tions. The Batemo Cell Designer runs within a full automa­tion backend and simulates within seconds.


Varying battery cell designs with simula­tions requires to precisely describe all relevant electrical, chemical, thermal and physical processes inside the cell. The Batemo Cell Designer builds on Batemo’s unique modeling technology and gets the physics right! 


The Batemo Cell Designer builds on the Batemo Cell Model, the most accurate battery cell model there is – guaran­teed! We always demon­strate the validity through exten­sive measure­ments that prove highest accuracy. 
The method­ology we apply is extremely thorough and novel in battery cell design. It combines Batemo simula­tions, proto­typing and testing in the most efficient way possible. 
  • 1st

    We integrate the model of your cell into the Batemo Cell Designer.

  • 2nd

    You perform a simula­tion study using the Batemo Cell Designer to predict your perfor­mance targets under meaningful cell design parameter variations. 

  • 3rd

    Build the next proto­type and validate! 

  • 4th

    Iterate through the steps 1 to 3 until you reach your targets.

This is great but let’s get specific: In the graph below, you see the initial battery cell design of a real cell marked as a red diamond. The orange dots show other cells BATEMO worked with and demon­strates our deep know-how of the techno­log­ical landscape. On that basis, we vary the battery cell design parame­ters and show in the red-to-green color-code area which targets of gravi­metric energy density, gravi­metric power density and charging time are reached. The next proto­type cell design for proto­typing is marked as an orange star. The cell design is signif­i­cantly better: energy density is about the same, but power density increases by about 30% and the charging time is almost cut in half.
So why wait? Get your hands on the Batemo Cell Designer or let Batemo Engineering do your initial design study so that you can take over from there. With BATEMO, you have the perfect partner to push your battery cell designs to the next level! 


Using the Batemo Cell Designer makes your battery cell design simula­tion-based, making it faster, lower cost while leading to better battery cells. This is how we generate value and contribute to your success. 


Using the Batemo Cell Designer you maximize your cell technology. You identify the optimal cell design in the complex, nonlinear battery design space. You improve your key perfor­mance targets and differ­en­tiate from competitors. 


With the Batemo Cell Designer battery cell development takes a fraction of the time. In the battery cell design phase, you move along optimally towards your perfor­mance targets reducing the time to market of your cell technology. 

Lower cost

The Batemo Cell Designer reduces cost of your battery cell design. Your development gets more efficient saving expenses on proto­typing, testing and engineering time. 


Let’s take the first step!