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Developing a battery management system (BMS) is an exciting but challenging task. It means to create and implement fast battery models, estimators and functions that ensure optimal operation of the battery – under all conditions and during the full lifetime of the system. All of that must run with limited computational power on cost-effective microcontrollers or in a more powerful backend in the cloud. This requires great expertise and deep know-how. Something that is missing when technology evolves fast – like in the battery business with novel chemistries that all have their own challenges.
The major problem is that fast, physical and accurate battery models are missing for BMS development. As an alternative, simple equivalent circuit-based models are used as software-in-the-loop plant models before testing but fail to describe the battery correctly. This causes major issues in validation testing when the BMS translates all model errors to BMS state or parameter errors: inaccurate predictions, additional battery aging and unsafe operation are the consequence.
This is true for many aspects of BMS development. Let’s make some examples:
Finding reliable answers to these questions fast is difficult… very difficult.


You need the ultimate tool for the development of your battery management system. The battery is a crucial component of your system, knowing its state precisely and controlling it optimally is key. That is what you achieve with the Batemo Cell Models. They use Batemo’s unique modeling technology with globally validated battery cell models. The underlying idea is to develop your BMS not with simplified models but with the most accurate battery cell models there are. With Batemo Cell Models as your plant models, you ensure that everything during development holds true when you move to testing and BMS system validation. Using Batemo Cell Models pushes your BMS development to the next level to build better batteries with less resources a lot faster.


The Batemo Cell Models run within a full automation backend and simulate within seconds. You implement your BMS innovations and get immediate feedback on functionality and quality.


Batemo Cell Models build on our unique modeling technology. We get the physics right and describe all relevant electrical, chemical, thermal and physical processes inside the cell. And only then your BMS simulations are correct, always!


The Batemo Cell Models are the most accurate battery cell model there are – guaranteed! We always demonstrate the validity through extensive measurements that prove highest accuracy.
The methodology we apply is extremely thorough and novel in battery management system development. It combines Batemo simulations, prototyping and testing in the most efficient way possible.
  • 1st

    You use an available Batemo Cell Model from the Batemo Cell Model Library or we create a Custom Cell Model specifically for you.

  • 2nd

    Using software-in-the-loop development methods you optimize your BMS algorithms. Precise simulations provide immediate feedback on new features you implement. Before you push code changes, automated simulation test routines extensively check your BMS in the full operational regime and under various battery aging states to reduce the error probability in your BMS more than one order of magnitude. This is true for your BMS cell model, the filters, estimators and all functions.

  • 3rd

    As a final step, you move to validation testing. Because the Batemo Cell Model is valid, you can expect straight-forward BMS validation testing.


Using the Batemo Cell Models makes your BMS development simulation-based, making it faster, lower cost while leading to better BMS algorithms and overall results. This is how we generate value and contribute to your success.


Using the Batemo Cell Models you reduce the probability of algorithm and code errors in your BMS software by one order of magnitude. Every day you run thousands of automated test scenarios yielding a highest quality BMS.


With the Batemo Cell Models your BMS development takes a fraction of the time. You get immediate feedback on the functionality of your adaptions and improvements. This is how you avoid re-design loops.

Lower Cost

The Batemo Cell Models reduce cost of your battery system. Your BMS identifies the battery state more accureately, always. This yields less oversizing and higher utilization of all battery component.


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