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The cell selec­tion strongly impacts the total system perfor­mance. However, finding the best battery cell design for your use case is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack within an expan­sive labyrinth: There exists a large variety of cells with different form factors, chemistries, tab config­u­ra­tions and housings, and each cell comes with its own unique blend of advan­tages and drawbacks. Moreover, the battery market is constantly growing and boasts a staggering array of options, while data sheets often provide misleading and incom­plete information. 
To compli­cate matters even further, the perfor­mance of a battery cell in your system strongly depends on the opera­tion conditions specific to your appli­ca­tion and the pack design. Moreover, relevant KPIs are also not static but tightly bound to the appli­ca­tion. This neces­si­tates exten­sive testing and evalu­a­tion to ensure that battery perfor­mance is assessed under realistic conditions. Thorough exper­i­mental cell compar­ison is, however, cost- and time consuming. 


How to cope with this multi­fac­eted challenge? You need a workflow to quickly and reliably evaluate the cell perfor­mance according to you needs. And this is what the Batemo Cell Explorer is. It is essen­tially a library of parame­ter­ized and validated cell models, the batemo cell models, of all form factors and chemistries. There­with you can screen the whole market based on simula­tion, take your opera­tion conditions and KPIs into account. Take the most accurate models on the market and accel­erate your time-to-market, improve product quality by selec­tion the best cell and reduce expenses on exper­i­mental characterization. 
If you have an entire library of physical, param­e­trized and validated models… 
…you can identify the best cell for your appli­ca­tion and for your KPIs consid­ering the whole battery market.


Batemo Cell Models run within seconds on normal office computers. This enables exten­sive parameter varia­tions and to screen the whole market within minutes. 


Consider your appli­ca­tion specific boundary conditions, evaluate the resulting physical cell perfor­mance and calcu­late your KPIs. 


Virtual, yet quanti­ta­tive reliable cell bench­mark need exten­sively validated models. The Batemo Cell Model is the most accurate battery cell model world­wide – guaran­teed!

devel­op­ment method

  • 1st

    Get access to the batemo cell explorer, a library of physical, param­e­trized and validated battery models covering all formats and different chemistries. 

  • 2nd

    Apply your appli­ca­tion-specific boundary conditions and scenarios to the batemo cell model.

  • 3rd

    Automat­i­cally simulate all inter­esting cells and evaluate your KPIs.

    Find the best cell on the market for your appli­ca­tion in no time!




Avoid performing exten­sive lab measure­ments. With the Batemo Cell Explorer you screen the market within minutes, find exactly the right cell for your opera­tion conditions as well as system design and thus reduce your devel­op­ment time. 


Cell procure­ment, contacting, measure­ment conduc­tion and analysis is tedious. Reduce expenses on testing and engineering devel­op­ment time with the Batemo Cell Explorer by comparing all cells directly. 

product quality

With the Batemo Cell Explorer you identify the optimal cell consid­ering exactly for your perfor­mance require­ments and for your boundary conditions. You improve the quality of your products and differ­en­tiate from competitors. 


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