the full exper­i­mental characterization of a
battery cell.

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When devel­oping batteries, it is crucial to know the behavior of the cells you are working with. Unfor­tu­nately, it is diffi­cult to measure battery perfor­mance under precisely controlled conditions in the full range of opera­tion conditions. For this reason, measure­ment data of battery cells are often erroneous, not compa­rable, misleading or sinply incom­plete. The good news: We take care of that! With Batemo Cell Data you receive the full exper­i­mental charac­ter­i­za­tion of a battery cell that fulfills highest measure­ment preci­sion standards. Instead of sampling cells and performing measure­ments on your own – a time consuming and expen­sive task – you get the finished results including the visual­iza­tion and analysis tool Batemo Cell Viewer. The data are avail­able for all cells of the Batemo Cell Explorer.



The Batemo Cell Data is avail­able of the shelf. Order today – get it tomorrow! Straight-forward data visual­iza­tion and analysis enables fast and reliable results. 


The Batemo Cell Data contains the raw physical measure­ment data of exper­i­ments with different excita­tions – constant currents, pulsed currents and power profiles. 


Get measure­ment data from high-end test stands. We must ensure highest quality data, simply because we need nothing less to develop the most accurate battery model on the market. 


The Batemo Cell Viewer is included in every Batemo Cell Data delivery. It is an intuitive tool that helps you to visualize, analyze and compare Batemo Cell Data.

You can draw the inter­esting graphs that show what is needed: Either the raw data of the measured current, voltage and  temper­a­tures or calcu­lated charac­ter­istic curves for a better overview. It is easily possible to compare Batemo Cell Data of different cells. Moreover, you can validate batemo cell models by comparing measure­ment and simula­tion data in detail. All graphs are inter­ac­tive – you can move every­thing around, turn the axis or zoom in and out.

  • Exten­sive

    You can check the Batemo Cell Data section on the cell websites of the Batemo Cell Explorer to precisely see which data is avail­able for a certain cell.
    • get measure­ment data of the total opera­tion area of a battery cell 
      • SOC Range: from 0% to 100%
      • Voltage Range: from minimal to maximal voltage
      • Current Range: up maximal currents in charging and discharging direction
      • Temper­a­ture Range: from minimal to maximal temperature
    • contains different excita­tions – constant currents, pulsed currents and power profiles 
    • compre­hen­sive documen­ta­tion included 
  • Fast

    • no waiting time: order today – get it tomorrow 
  • Compa­rable

    • identical exper­i­mental initial and boundary conditions for all cells making data of different cells comparable 
    • standard­ized, identical data struc­ture for all cells 
  • Easy Analysis

    Batemo Cell Viewer included with the data – free of charge
    • straight-forward data visual­iza­tion and analysis 
    • easily compare data of up to four cells 
    • batemo cell model valida­tion mode to compare measure­ment and simula­tion results in detail 
    • export data to CSV or TXT 

Of course it is possible to export Batemo Cell Data to common formats (MAT, TXT, CSV) so that you can also import the data in other tools you want to work with.




Get better results by utilizing exper­i­mental data of a variety of cells recoreded in the full opera­tional area. Directly improve your cell strategy decisions by relying on high-quality datasets. 


Do not loose time in the lab but get an exten­sive exper­i­mental charac­ter­i­za­tion in rocket speed. Waiting for a measure­ment result over days is a thing of the past - order it today, get it tomorrow. 

Lower cost

Reduce expenses on testing and cell procure­ment: Measure­ment data of all cells contained in the Batemo Cell Explorer are avail­able off the shelf for you. 

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