How can I change Batemo Cell Model parame­ters script-controlled?

All Batemo Cell Model parame­ters are supplied via the block mask using different mask elements. It is possible to change all config­u­ra­tions of the block mask by script code.

  • Sliders: In the block mask, there is an edit field next to a slider containing the value of the parameter. Use the edit field to input a workspace variable name instead of a value, e.g. SOC instead of 90. This disables the slider. Assign the variable in the base workspace, e.g. by SOC = 90. At the start of the simula­tion this value is automat­i­cally fed to the Batemo Cell Model.
  • Radio Buttons: Radio buttons are script-controlled by set_param(‘YourModel/YourCellModel’,’Parameter_Radio’,’Value’);