How can I quickly exchange Batemo Cell Models in my simula­tion models?

Consider using the Config­u­ra­tional Subsystem block that is in the Simulink Library Browser under SimulinkPorts & Subsys­tems. Create a new Simulink library file and insert the Batemo Cell Models you want to exchange by drag & drop from the Simulink Library browser. Then insert the Config­u­ra­tional Subsystem and double-click it. You can choose which Batemo Cell Models should be members of the config­u­ra­tional subsystem that can later be selected. Click OK and save your library file. Insert the config­u­ra­tional subsystem by drag & drop in your simula­tion model. When you right-click the config­u­ra­tional subsystem and select Block Choice you can change the block to be any of its members by one click. This can also be automated by the following line of MATLAB code: set_param(‘YourModel/YourConfigurationalSubsystem’,’BlockChoice’,’YourMember’);