How does Batemo demon­strate the validity of a Batemo Cell Model?

All Batemo Cell Models are validated using to a specific scheme to ensure that the simula­tion results are correct. Two aspects are essen­tial in this process.

  • The Batemo Cell Model valida­tion is trans­parent: Each Batemo Cell Model contains a large set with raw measure­ment data that is created in the Batemo battery labora­tory. For each sampling point the measure­ment and simula­tion result is compared and the voltage, temper­a­ture, energy and power accuracy are calcu­lated. Summary graphs make the analysis of the data straight-forward. This is how we demon­strate that the Batemo Cell Model meets your requirements.
  • The Batemo Cell Model valida­tion is exten­sive: The valida­tion is carried out in the entire operating range as defined by the cell manufac­turer. This includes the entire temper­a­ture range (typically from -20°C to 80°C), the entire current range (typical discharge currents from 0.1C to 50C) and the entire state of charge range (0% to 100%). We always use different excita­tion signals including highly dynamic power profiles.