How does the input and output inter­face of the Batemo Cell Model look like?

Just as the real cell, the Batemo Cell Model has an electrical input (supplied as terminal current or terminal voltage) and a thermal input (supplied as cell surface temper­a­ture or cell surface heat current). 

The Batemo Cell Model has various parame­ters that allow you to easily set the initial conditions as well as parame­ters that are related to pack design and to batch varia­tions and cell aging.

In general, the Batemo Cell Model outputs the quanti­ties that are relevant in the design of battery systems. These are quanti­ties that can be measured in the labora­tory like the terminal current, the terminal voltage or the cell surface temper­a­ture but also internal quanti­ties like the open circuit voltage, the state of charge or the inner cell temper­a­ture. Moreover, the Batemo Cell Model outputs physical signals of the cell interior like the anode and cathode surface poten­tials, the inner cell losses or the reversibly stored energy.