What does the Code in the Batemo Cell Model filename mean?

Each Batemo Cell Model has a unique filename struc­tured in the following way: Manufacturer_Type_YYBGDxyzS. Therein the manufac­turer is the cell manufac­turer and type the product name of the cell. YY is the year, B a Batemo batch number, G the used geometry of the Batemo Cell Model (r is rectan­gular, c is cylin­drical), D is the number of dimen­sions of the Batemo Cell Model (0-dimen­sional up to 3-dimen­sional), xyz are the number of supporting points the Batemo Cell Model uses in each dimen­sion and S is a number that indicates the imple­men­ta­tion (0 is Simulink, 1 is Simscape, 2 is FMU).