What kind of Batemo Cell Model licenses are available?

For the Batemo Cell Model software and the Add-Ons different license types are available. 

  • Named User: The license entitles one named user to simulate the Batemo Cell Models with one natural person being assigned to the named user.
  • Desig­nated Computer: The license entitles to simulate the Batemo Cell Models on a single regis­tered computer. You must ensure that the Batemo Cell Models only run on the desig­nated computer and that only one natural person has access to the desig­nated computer at any time.
  • Concur­rent: The Batemo Cell Models can be simulated by all your employees. The number of concur­rent users may not exceed the number of concur­rent licenses.

The licenses can either be purchased or rented. Choose whatever best suits your needs.