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Batemo is the global technology leader for the development of lithium-ion battery simula­tion software. We combine the three techno­log­ical assets of battery modeling, battery parame­ter­i­za­tion and battery data, which makes our products unique world­wide. We have had hundreds of battery cells in our lab, measured them over the entire operating range, completely disas­sem­bled and modeled them. This is why we were able to develop an entire library of the most accurate battery cell models, the Batemo Cell Explorer:

Discover an entire library of battery cell models of all different formats, sizes and chemistries.

To enable the consis­tent simula­tion-based development of batteries, our technology fulfills three criteria: 


Our solutions provide results in rocket speed with easy handling and visual­iza­tion. Waiting for a certain result or output over days is a thing of the past, allowing you to act as fast as possible in the rapidly changing market.



Our battery cell models are strictly physical, which means that all processes in the battery are described by physical equations, and that all battery infor­ma­tion we offer are based on measure­ments in our lab.



A prereq­ui­site for simula­tion-based development is to build on models, parame­ters and data that are accurate. This is why we alwalys demon­strate the global validity of our models, and why we have high-quality test stands.

This is what we promise to our customers: Every­thing we do is as fast, as physical and as accurate as possible. Since it is part of Batemo’s DNA to not rely on claims or punch­lines without a back-up, we condense that in a guarantee:

If you can show us another battery cell model that is more accurate, we will refund your money.

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The model accuracy is calcu­lated from a set of valida­tion exper­i­ments that cover the total opera­tional area of the cell as speci­fied by the cell manufac­turer. Additional valida­tion measure­ments in the inter­po­la­tion and extrap­o­la­tion regime, that are unknown to the model creator, are used for additional testing of the model. The ratio of the measure­ment time between the different valida­tion sets is as follows: valida­tion set known to Batemo and competitor 50%, valida­tion set known only to Batemo and unknown to competitor 25%, valida­tion only know to competitor and unknown to Batemo 25%. Model accura­cies are defined and averaged as defined in the Batemo valida­tion Excel documents. 


Batemo’s technology provides cutting-edge solutions for your appli­ca­tion and your industry. Our tools make your development simula­tion-based, improve your product quality, reduce the time-to-market, and signif­i­cantly cut down costs. In other words: They revolu­tionize your projects! This is how we generate value and contribute to your success.

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Our products solve major challenges across the entire battery development process. It does not matter if you want to design your next-gener­a­tion battery from the ground off by tailoring electrode materials and microstruc­tures, or if you want to optimize the thermal manage­ment concept of your battery module: Our product family guides you from the micro­scopic up to the macro­scopic scale and enables you to build on consis­tent workflows.

Since battery development is an ongoing journey, and it is our mission is to guide you every step of the way, you can perma­nently rely on the exper­tise of the Batemo Support team.

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